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Project consulting
For customers who want to open a new store

service  :

1. Kitchen layout

  • Consultation on determining the size of the kitchen to fit the customer's store area and suitable for the products you want to sell 

  • Kitchen layout design   in accordance with the products you want to sell 

  • Plan the electrical and water supply system in the kitchen.

  • Specify the size of commercial kitchen appliances, such as oven specs, proof cabinets, flat irons, cake or bread beaters. Introducing the source of all kitchenware manufacturers that must be used.

  • List of kitchen equipment that must be used to produce   And recommend a place to buy 

  • Plan the area behind the water bar.

2.Menu design 

  • Get a menu design that should be sold in the store. which is a menu that is already taught in school or create a new signature menu of the restaurant to suit the customer group   The price that the customer wants to sell per head 

  • Design the signature menu of the shop according to the customer's theme   and prepare the recipe as a book with training for the staff 

3.Onsite training 

  • Receive training at the customer's location, ready to introduce suppliers, all raw materials and molds used in the study.

  • to train at the customer's location Customers will receive a customize service that is   The team will support about setting up, adjusting oven temperature, ironing machine, perforated bread machine, strength level, beating machine.

  • Adjust the speed and force of the customer's kitchen equipment.  to be suitable for mass production     which if studying at school Customers may have to test various devices by themselves.

  • Teach how to calculate costs and calculate sales prices 

  • Trending on HYGIENE  kitchen hygiene

  • Consultation after 4 months of study for free by phone and LINE

  • Teach how to make a financial projection Teach how to charge fixed cost/ variable cost per month 

  • Teaching how to forecast sales, profits  to find breakevent (break-even point)

  • designer introduction packaging/manufacturer of paper bags, cake boxes, candy wrapping paper, shop logo designer  sticker maker designer Screen plate factory 

  • Recommend cake showcase manufacturers And give advice on a cake cabinet or display cake of the selected dessert.


  • Accommodation and training materials   

  • travel expenses to and from such as plane tickets and travel expenses during accommodation in the province or country of the customer Customer is responsible




 Sydney, Australia




Chiang mai

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